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ATTN: The World…


That’s the total amount of student results that we were able to track ever since we have started to share our knowledge to the world on how to effectively build their online business with our proven, easy-to-follow training.

$ 1 0 , 1 4 0 , 9 9 0

Throughout the last few years, we’re grateful to have learned a lot and achieved success that most companies could never have ever achieved in their lifetime.

However, we are openly-willing to admit that we’ve made a tremendous amount of mistakes during the process while helping our students achieve phenomenal success.

These mistakes have led us to finally come to a discovery on what everyday people need to achieve their financial and personal goals when they’re starting their own online business and how we can truly impact them to take their first step.

Our Discovery

The 3 Pillars To Allow Any Individuals To Create An Online Business That’s Capable Of Generating Sales

After helping thousands of students around the world from all walks of life, we had the opportunity to truly see what works and what doesn’t work.

If we tell you that 100% of our students are successful, that’s a flat-out lie.

Luckily, we do have one of the highest success rates in our industry and have helped thousands of people to start generating sales online even when they never thought they could make a single penny online.

After all, our work has been seen and endorsed by renowned entrepreneurs and we are even an approved Shopify Education Partner.

In the process of helping our students and achieving tens of millions worth of student results, we are able to consolidate the 3 pillars to allow any individual to create an online business that’s capable of generating sales online.

They are: Results-Driven Education, Hands-On Coaching & Supportive Community.

Pillar #1: Results-Driven Education

We live in the best time in history for education.

You no longer need to rely on traditional schools and colleges to gain the knowledge you need to thrive in this modern-day world.

In fact, go to YouTube, type in what you want to learn and you’ll gain more knowledge than what school teaches us.

However, that’s a curse in disguise.

Why? Because most of these free training are purposely designed to leave out the how to’s.

They only share what it is and the concept behind it but they never truly reveal the how.

It’s like cooking the best ramen in the world with a secret Japanese recipe. You have the ingredient list but you weren’t shown the steps on how to make it, so you’ll never make it tasteful.

True, results-driven education requires the how to’s and the step-by-steps.

Sadly, that’s what is missing in most free and even paid courses nowadays.

Pillar #2: Hands-On, Live Coaching

We’ll be honest with you.

Even if you scored a course or training that contains all the how-to’s, you’re likely to fail. This isn’t because the training sucks, it’s because everyone’s learning process is different.

Some can thrive and make millions by just following badass video training with all the step-by-steps, how to’s, click here and click that…

...but that’s not how the majority of the world operates.

Some learn through reading.

Others learn through experience and implementation.

In fact, some even learn through interactions and getting specific answers on the tiniest thing such as a specific button to click to see the exact screen showing in the training.

Because of these reasons, just by having results-driving training alone is not enough.

In fact, every business is unique and faces different challenges.

To truly impact and help any individuals to build their online business, you need hands-on, live coaching calls.

An environment where any person can get their questions answered specifically for their business to get results for THEIR business.

Pillar #3: Supportive Community

Countless researches have shown that entrepreneurship is a lonely journey.

Everyone around you doesn't believe you and think you’re a joke for wasting your time on creating your own business.

They just can’t relate to what you are trying to accomplish and do everything they can to bring you down.

That is the sad truth we need to face as an entrepreneur, because our society has trained us to slave ourselves at a 9 to 5 work for someone else’s dream.

As a matter of fact, most people quit their dream of becoming an entrepreneur to reach their goals because when they do it alone with zero support and help, they will be lost, confused and get frustrated with no answers.

But on the other hand, when you are armed with like-minded individuals who are on the same path and same goals as you and support you through your journey, it makes entrepreneurship easy and fun.

In fact, you’ll feel like you are part of a family where you can rely on others for help and get the support you need both mentally and tactically for your new business.

After all, we are humans, an emotional animal that accomplishes more together than being alone.

Once you are able to truly have these 3 pillars in your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll be unstoppable to achieve any goals you’ve set and be on top of the world.

Whether it’s owning a Lamborghini, buying that dream house, having your dream vacation or even…

...truly finding happiness in what you do, each and every day, these are the 3 pillars that you would need.

But in the last several years, we realized that there’s a huge price tag on entrepreneurship and it makes it absolutely inaccessible to most people.

Our Epiphany

Entrepreneurship Should Be Accessible To Anyone Without A Hefty Price Tag To Truly Impact The World

Most people start their online entrepreneurship with a dream.

Each person’s dream is different but it plays a major role subconsciously for any person who wants to take the courage to become an entrepreneur.

It’s their drive, their motivation and courage to build their business.

Unfortunately, the majority of course creators prey on this emotional behavior, knowing that most people are willing to sacrifice a hefty price to turn their dreams into reality.

The industry has set a “standard” on pricing. In fact, the entry ticket has grown out of control.

Companies are charging $10,000’s and putting people through a pressured sales call to make their decision to enroll.

This does not even include other required investment such as websites, hosting platforms and advertising.

And with such a hefty start up investment, it immediately shuts down the opportunity for any person who is eager to begin their entrepreneurship and shatters their dream.

We admit, we were one of them.

We made a mistake.

Our original mission to truly empower individuals with simple education to start their entrepreneurship got tarnished overtime because we became blind-folded and followed what every other company was doing - charging a hefty price.

Over the past year, we’ve started to question ourselves.

Why did we create iPro Academy?

Why does entrepreneurship need to come with a hefty price tag?

Why does our brand need to follow the footsteps of other companies?

While all these questions are silently floating around in our company and seeing ourselves as a soulless being, doing what we are told to do in the industry… made our company sick.

And it’s time to stand up and make a change.

One that will truly impact lives and help those who are in dire need of our help.

We believe wholeheartedly that entrepreneurship should be accessible to ANYONE.

Regardless of ethnicity, age, gender and how much money you have in their bank, we want to be the company that allows virtually ANYONE to start even if they are on a shoestring budget...

...and even if they work at fast food restaurants or get paid minimum wage.

After all, our founder and visionary, Fred Lam, started as a dishwasher himself.

If it wasn’t because he was given a life-changing opportunity without a hefty price, we would not achieve this level of success.

So, we are making an official declaration that WE are going to become the “go-to” education platform with results-driving courses, hands-on coaching and supportive community WITHOUT a hefty price tag…

..and truly serve the world unselfishly.

Introducing iPro Premium

A Home For Entrepreneurs To Get Unlimited Access To Our Proven, Results-Drive Courses, Hands-On Coaching & Be Part Of Our Supportive Community

Our mission is simple.

We want to empower individuals like you to build, grow and scale your online business while making it accessible to everyone - even if you don’t have $100 to your name.

Our goal is to give you access to the 3 pillars of entrepreneurship. The same exact access that our students paid thousands of dollars to achieve tens of millions of dollars online.

Here’s how we’re doing it.

#1 - Unlimited Access To All Of Our Proven, Results-Driven Courses

No more hefty price tag.

For just one tiny monthly investment, you’ll get access to ALL of our proven results-driven courses.

This includes our Shopify-Approved eCom Challenge where you’ll be guaranteed to start generating sales in 21 days or less with our simple, step-by-step training, hands-on daily live coaching call and supportive community to overcome all the obstacles you’ll face in your journey. (Click here to see what you get with eCom Challenge)

In fact, our eCom Challenge is just one of the many courses inside iPro Premium. We designed it to truly empower individuals to build, grow and scale their online businesses.

With over 100 hours of proven, step-by-step training, we’re even committed to adding new courses every month into your account with your membership. These courses includes:

How To Build An Email Business Without A Website
Make $500 Per Sale By Hosting Online Classes
The Complete Facebook Ad Strategies From Beginners To Advanced
How Slash Your Ad Cost On Facebook With The Art Of Copywriting
The Step-By-Step Training On Turning Bing Ads Into Profit
The Complete Training To Master Google Ads
And Much, Much More...

In fact, eCommerce is not the only type of training you’ll find inside iPro Premium. If you are looking to create a diverse portfolio of your business, you’ll even learn how you can create an online business through email marketing, affiliate marketing, agencies and a whole lot more - but for a small tiny investment.

#2 - Weekly Hands-On, Interactive Mentorship

Mentorship and coaching is the staple of success. Each week, you’ll be invited to our hands-on, interactive mentorship to help you in every step of the way for your business.

Every business is unique and you may face different challenges. With our weekly mentorship, hosted personally by Fred Lam, you will get specific answers, help and strategies that are custom-tailored to your business to get you results.

The best part is, you’ll even get to have us control your computer to help you in your business and to overcome any obstacles that you’re facing.

This is what true mentorship is about.

#3 - Private Access To Our Closed-Room Community For Support

Being an online entrepreneur is a lonely journey but we’re about to change that.

As an iPro Premium member, you will be invited into our closed-room community where you get to mastermind, network and find support from other members.

Our goal is simple. We want you to be part of the movement and find a place called “home” where you can rely on your peers to get the support and answers you’ll need in every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

Post a question, get an answer - FAST.

Got something on your chest that you wanted to share and be vulnerable, openly share it and have other like-minded individuals to support you.

Great things are created when it’s created together - NOT alone.

Now, you might be thinking... “This got to be costing thousands of dollars - again.”

And we’re sugar-coating this to sell you the dream - again.

In all honesty, we’re not!

We’re going to go against what every marketer is doing and put a stop on having a hefty price to our education, mentorship and community. In fact, we’re being called CRAZY for doing this.

We made a declaration as a company to stand up and make a change.

Nothing will stop us - even if this may potentially drive us out of business.

We want to make entrepreneurship accessible to anyone who is serious and have the courage to take the leap with us.

We want to truly impact lives and be your part of your success to achieve the financial and personal goals that you’ve always dreamt of.

We want to leave a legacy behind to be the game-changer to online entrepreneurship and be truly proud of our work - and most importantly, be proud of YOU!

So, instead of offering you iPro Premium for $10,000’s or $1,000’s… can get started with just $20!

Then it’s just $20 per month, just like Netflix and you can cancel at any time.

For Less Than 67 Cents Per Day, You’ll Get Unlimited Access To Our Results-Driven Courses, Hands-On Coaching And Be Part Of Our Supportive Community Become An iPro Premium Member Now
Just $20 Per Month. Cancel Anytime.

We made this zero risk on you.

Just $20 per month, you have access to EVERYTHING.

Access to all of our results-driven courses, weekly live coaching calls and be part of our supportive community which you can rely on for help without a hefty price tag.

In fact, if you don’t feel that what we have created can truly help you, you can cancel at any time.

No obligations. No pressure, no contracts.

We just want to give you everything you need to truly change your life and help you take your first step into entrepreneurship.

But, you might be thinking, why don’t we offer this for free?

The answer is simple.

We want you to have some skin in the game. If we just hand these to you for free, you will not take it as seriously as you would be.

It’s like if someone gave you a book to read versus you buying the book from a bookstore. You will be more likely to read the book you’ve bought because you want to get the value for your money.

And we choose $20.00 per month because we believe it’s affordable.

If you can’t even afford $20 per month right now, go flip some stuff at a garage sale, go mow the lawn. If you are serious about your entrepreneurship journey, $20 is a joke.

As a matter of fact, if you are unwilling to invest $20 into your knowledge and get the help that you’ll need, then entrepreneurship may not be for you. And that’s totally fine.

But what we can promise you is that you will get 100x the value out of your $20.

You can potentially turn this $20 into a $100 per day business, a $500 per day business or even like some of our students doing 5 figures a day!

Remember, our students paid us $1,000’s of dollars to only get a fraction of what you’re getting.

We’re seriously putting our neck on the line and upset our students, but we’re still doing this because we wholeheartedly believe this is the right thing to do.

So, don’t wait - become an iPro Premium today.

Just spend a month with us for $20 and allow us to truly serve you. If this isn’t for you, we get it and that’s okay!

But our commitment is to constantly thrive to make this better and get YOU the results that you deserve and that you’ve always dreamt of.

This is our commitment to you and if you are committed to your success, then become an iPro Premium member today!

So, What’s The Catch?

I know you are skeptical and you may be thinking, what “evil” motive we have.

First of all - you need to understand that we lose money doing this.

I have to pay for my coaches and my support team to facilitate everything you get inside iPro Premium. In fact, getting you on this page costs me money.

It may be an affiliate that I have to pay a commission to or you’ve seen my ads on Facebook or YouTube that cost me an arm and a leg to get you here.

So - what is my “evil” plan and what’s the catch?

It’s simple.

There are 3 reasons why I’m doing this.

Reason #1: I want to start a relationship with YOU!

Reason #2: I want you to get results so you can record me a video testimonial.

Reason #3: After you get results - I want you to invest into my live workshops or even mastermind in the future.

That’s it! These are my 3 “evil” motives for doing this.

But most importantly, is because we want to make an impact and make entrepreneurship accessible to everybody and anybody who’s serious.

And now, it’s up to you if you are truly ready to start your entrepreneurship journey with us!

See What Our Students Have To Say

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

More Student Results

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

"My biggest accomplishment yet, is that I am able to not only provide, but to also make my two children and husband proud of me. I never once gave up, and committed to staying focused in establishing a successful online store! I am soo happy and grateful to have taken this journey in the e-Commerce world!"

- Scott C.

"Completely blown away with my sales! I am very pleased with the training. I just finished the 2nd week of March and I still have 2 weeks to improve my monthly sales. My goal is to finish with $5k sales this month, and continue scaling up! I look forward in continuing to establish a successful online store!"

- Lee S.

"I had one of my best weeks so far and was able to increase my sales each and every day! I still have a long way to go to reach my ultimate goals, but I am super happy that I am on the right track with the help of Fred!"

- Constable S.

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